How long have you been working in this industry?
The answer You want to hear: Long enough to accumulate at least ten to twenty references you can contact. We pass this test.

Are you licensed?
The answer you want to hear is Yes !  And ask to see it.

Do you carry workman’s comp insurance for your employees?
You want a big YES, for all employees that will be on your property. This protects you if a contractor gets injured on the work site.

Do you have insurance in case something in my home gets broken in the renovation or construction process?
The answer should be YES ! Accidents happen, the company you hire should be insured againt any accident.

Do you belong to any professional organizations and, if so, which ones?
Once again the answer should be Yes! This shows the contractor has a commitment to the industry and the training of his / her employees.

Can you provide a list of references I can contact?
Yes is the ONLY answer you should accept. Ask for a few
and call them.

What is the projected timeline for this project?
You answer should be a specific amount of time, i.e 7 to 10 days. This way you and the contractor are on the same page. Unexpected problems do ocasionally arise, if so ask the contractor to explain these to you along with a new time frame to finish.

How often do you finish a project in the anticipated time?
The answer you want to hear is "most of the time" Check
with their references.

Will you be on site at all times to oversee progress of the job?
Answer you want is Yes. Chris the owner will be on site for
Classic Construction.

How often will you stop by to check on the progress?
Daily is the answer you want to hear.

Who is the on-site project manager?
You Want to Hear a specific name of a person who will be at your home on a daily basis.

Who pulls required permits for the job, you or me?
The correct answer is the contractor.

Will you offer a guarantee on your work, and, if so, what is the guarantee? The answer you want is Yes, with a specific amount of time (six months, one year, lifetime, etc). Get it in writting, see what is covered.

What is the payment schedule?
The answer you want to hear depends on each company, but you should NEVER pay the entire amount up front.

Different contractors may offer different options when it comes to payment and different options may work better for your situation. However, NEVER pay for the work in its entirety prior to the job’s completion and inspection.  Hold back the final payment until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Chris at Classic Construction accepts, Cash - Checks - and All Major Credit Cards.
Questions To Ask Any Contractor
Do construction / remodeling words scare you? Don’t be afraid of these
words, we will help you understand.

Bathroom, tub, sink, shower, back splash, tile, grout, blue board, fixture, molding
pedestal lavatory, shut off valve, exhaust fan, spa tub, grab bar, whirlpool. Do these words prompt you to think about a bathroom remodel?

Kitchen, sink, faucet, base cabinets, Chair rail, fixtures, hood, range, oven,
grill, island, flooring, ceramic tile, marble, counter top, peninsula, pocket door, sub floor, ventilation, wainscot, garbage disposal, trash compactor, task lighting, dishwasher, are you looking to remodel your kitchen?

Patio, decks, beams, joists, red wood, treated lumber, treads,
pergola, gazebo, cement, flag stone, retaining wall, water feature, fire pit, BBQ,
stamped concrete, hand rail, sun room, stone, pavers, thinking about outdoor living.

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